We have expertise in a wide variety of software domains including desktop application, embedded application and website development using many different programming languages.
Dedication toExcellence
We've delivered many products to our customers under tight deadline constraints. We've learned to stand out from the crowd by being exceptionally responsive and working the hours that the others won't to satifsy our customers!
We are experts in C/C++ and Qt application development and in PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery web development. It's hard finding software technologies that we don't have expertise in!
Hammertech Engineering Solutions, a subsidiary of Hammertech LLC, is a software consulting company with the expertise to develop many different kinds of software including desktop applications, embedded applications and websites. We are experts in Qt development with almost a decade of experience. We are also experts at creating highly dynamic websites using PHP and JavaScript. But as software engineers, we also have an understanding of the whole software lifecycle from design, to development to testing. We've worked on many projects of different sizes and different complexities. We know what it takes to create great software from start to finish. So contact us today for a free quote. We'll assess your project and let you know what we think it will take!
Software Design
Good Design
We pride ourselves in having good design. We don't want to just deliver a fast solution. We want to make sure we deliver the right solution.
Software Practices
Maintainable Code
When we write software, we make sure to employ good coding practices. That way nobody has trouble modifying the software in the future.
Portable Software
Portable Code
We try to not lock you into one platform unnecessarily. If possible, we prefer multi-platform solutions that will allow your product to reach the most people.

About Us


Hammertech Engineering Solutions, a subsidiary of Hammertech LLC, is a software consulting company formed by Eyal Amir in 2010. We are a small consulting company with extensive software knowledge. With our expertise, we're able to successfully hire on and manage teams of engineers for every project. We provide consulting solutions to medium and small businesses and organizations in various locations. We're based in the Los Angeles area and are available to come on-site when needed but accomplish most of our work remotely.

We strive to be an organization that our clients can really depend on. We try to go above and beyond what we're asked. When our customers are presented with a hard problem, we never say we don't know or we can't. We always try to find the best possible solutions for them. When they need something done immediately, we find those extra hours in our day, even if it means less sleep to deliver it to them in time so that they don't have to depend on somebody else. We strive to be their safety net so that they have one less thing to worry about.

Know the team

Eyal Amir
Eyal Amir Owner

Eyal has been in the software engineering field for over a decade. He earned a Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor's degree and later a Computer Science Master's degree both from UCLA. Since 2004, he's worked at The Aerospace Corporation as a software engineer (first full-time then on a consulting basis). At Aerospace, he's been lucky to have been exposed to so many different technologies. He's done many web development tasks, worked on a variety of different desktop applications, and developed complex ground systems for JPL. Later he started leading other engineers in various tasks.

Eyal has always worked on various projects on his spare time. Whether it was his next website idea or buying rental properties, he was always searching for ways to satiate his craving to do more. Then in 2010 he was contacted to do some software consulting for a local medium-sized government subcontractor and this is when Hammertech Engineering Solutions was officially created.

Eyal knows a lot of engineers in the industry and has the expertise to successfully manage them. His ultimate goal is to ensure that all of his clients are extremely satisfied with Hammertech's work. He has the utmost dedication to get the work done quickly and on time, even if it's under tight deadline constraints. His motivation coupled with his love of software ensures that he can get the job done right.

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Hammertech Engineering Solutions offers many software consulting and engineering services including:

Software for hardware control

Hardware Control

We've developed applications to control hardware with various interfaces. Wether it's a web-based interface, passing XML via a socket or a unique API, we have experience interfacing with various hardware. We also have DSP software experience to develop your capabilities on-board various devices.

Graphics and OpenGL software

Graphics and OpenGL Applications

We have extensive knowledge developing graphicss and OpenGL applications. Most of the graphics applications we've developed have been various modeling tools. These tools allow users to create, display, and or manipulate various models. But our graphics knowledge can be extended to many other applications.

Desktop application, C, C++ and Qt software

Desktop Applications

We've been developing desktop applications for over a decade. We're very fast at putting together a GUI and responding to interactions. As Qt experts, we like to make applications portable to reach the biggest user base but also have specific operating system knowledge including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux/Unix.

Image processing software

Image Processing

We've developed applications to process images for different purposes. We know how to programmatically modify images so that they can be better analyzed or displayed (e.g. smoothed, blurred, etc.). We also know how to detect various features in images even with noise (e.g. edges or various shapes).

Database, SQL and MySQL software


We have extensive database knowledge. We've worked on many projects that used databases to store and retrieve information. Some of these were large and performance intensive and so we've also become experts at database optimization.

Website, web-based application, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and Python software

Web Development

We've done many websites and web-based applications and associated services. We have unique experience in highly-dynamic websites driven by JavaScript. By building dynamic websites without relying on Flash, we can target a much larger user base.

You can be assured that with all of our services, we adhere to good software practices. That means that all of our software is source controlled, backed up and documented. But it also means that we don't just deliver working software, we deliver quality software!


QExtSerialPort Race Condition Found

We found a subtle bug in the latest version of QExtSerialPort (the December 9th, 2012 revision 1349938a5827 version) that could cause memory corruption and an unexpected crash. This bug is subtle because it is seldom triggered. You’ll get it once in a long while if you run a separate thread that continually writes to the serial port. It will eventually trigger a (d->ref == 1) assertion in QList.cpp because of trying to reallocate memory while it is being used elsewhere. One method to find this error immediately is to enable Windows heap and exception handling using Microsoft’s Application Verifier. If you add your application to Application Verifier’s list and then run your application in a debugger, you’ll get an immediate exception in QExtSerialPort.

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Qt Mobility QtMultimediaKit vs Phonon

Recently, we had to use a Qt media library for a software consulting project. After doing some research and considering non-Qt libraries or embedding VLC, we decided to use Qt’s native solutions. Several websites (e.g. and even Qt ( have mentioned that Phonon is no longer being actively developed and Qt Mobility’s QtMultimediaKit is the way to go. In fact, Phonon will no longer be supported in Qt 5. However, we found out that Qt Mobility may not be quite ready for stable development.

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QwtPlot3D Enhancements

We were using QwtPlot3D recently to plot a point cloud. This 3rd-party Qt library is an extension to the popular Qwt library for 3D plotting. It uses OpenGL to create nice 3D plots with user interaction (e.g. rotation and zoom). It also colors the data based on the z-axis values and can automatically fit a mesh to your data. But we ran into a couple of issues with the library that did not work well for us (not including poor documentation). We made slight modifications to the library that greatly improve its speed and made our own colormap class because the default one doesn’t look good. Read more…

Google Ceres Solver for Windows 64-Bit (Instructions and Binaries)

The Google Ceres Solver is a nonlinear least-squares solver. It’s an efficient library that can be used to solve nonlinear least-squares problems like fitting a cone, sphere or cylinder to a set of 3-dimensional points. If you want some good non-linear least-squares fit equations to use for the solver, you might want to take a look at this. Building the Ceres Solver on Windows, especially x64 Windows, is not a trivial task. Here we give the details necessary for building it from source and also provide 64-bit binaries for your convenience for Ceres Solver version 1.3.0. These instructions were created for the latest versions of the libraries available at the time of its writing. Newer libraries might require changes. These instructions are also specifically for Visual Studio but could be adapted to other compilers. Many of the steps below require a file extraction tool. Our favorite tool for Windows is 7-zip since it’s open source and handles most formats. Read more…

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Hammertech Engineering Solution’s main specialty is software consulting for small to medium sized businesses that are working on Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects. We have helped businesses on both their phase 1 and phase 2 work for both small and large funded projects. Our phase 1 work has helped secure our clients phase 2 work and our phase 2 work has helped our clients complete successful demonstrations for continued funding. Read more…

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Hammertech Engineering Solutions is currently operated out of Eyal's home office, which is located right above the Redondo Beach pier. We have the tools to work from pretty much anywhere and can easily work from your location too.

250 The Village, Suite 209
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Freephone: +1 888 481 2673
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